Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Getting Ready

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my first blog, I am currently living in Christchurch New Zealand, my wife and family are moving to Tokyo!!! Yipeee I am excited about the move to my new home!!

We have made this decision so the kids can see more of their grandparents, learn to read and write Japanese and get to enjoy some of the culture, festivals and fun Japan has to offer.

We will be moving to the area of Kita-Ku which is north Tokyo, I have been there many times and always enjoy it there, Akabane is a hidden treasure in the suburbs of Tokyo!

I am looking forward to the cherry blossom festivals in spring time! Every time I travel to Japan on holiday I kept missing them. Not this time!!

Anyone who is living in Tokyo and reading this that maybe able help me find work would be great, my Japanese is not very good. My son speaks fluent Japanese and English, he amazes me!!!

I have an electronics service background and worked in the industry 19 years! My hobbies in New Zealand have included Ameician cars, building valve/tube amplifiers and building single driver speaker cabinets. My single driver of choice is Fostex.

We are busy getting things ready! We have to pack our lives into 10 boxes!!

This is all for my first blog, I will update with more information soon. The photos are some my wife took when she was there in spring.

                                            Spring festival and Cherry Blossom 2009

Spring festival and Cherry Blossom 2009

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