Thursday, 2 August 2012

Jet Pack

Hi All,

I found this of particular interest because there is a company trying to achieve what this Japanese guy has done. As far as I am aware from watching the TV he did it by himself.

In NZ there is a company called Martin Jet Pack it is a system where you strap a machine with blades on each side of you in a tube to create thrust. See link for more details. If I have got the descripton wrong I aplogise.

I was sitting here watching TV and they were talking about helicopters and all these inventions, then they show this guy whizzing around all over the place, high low, left, right, up down etc, VERY fast too. It looks like one of those radio controlled helicopters that a real popular at the moment but a larger version with some radial type engine. It works really well as you can imagine if you have seen the radio controlled you know how they can whizz around and how stable they are.

Here are the photos I took off the TV, I wasn't quick enough to grab the camera to take a video of it in action. Just found this on youtube

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