Friday, 6 April 2012

Cherry Blossom Spring 2012


Today we went to Asuka Yama Park to take some photos of the cherry blossoms. Japanese love the cherry blossom trees and it is tradition to have a picnic lunch under the trees and drink sake. Tokyo looks amazing in spring!!!

The Japanese love Cherry Blossoms, Mt Fuji and Sake!! Mt Fuji is so well respected it is often called Fuji San, San is to show respect to someone older. It features a lot in many things here.

After not riding a bike for many years and not owning any other form of transsport I have found a new passion for biking, I am really enjoying biking, you sure do get to take in more views of the city especially this time of year, now I know why my friend WG loves to cycle. Its just really nice. I know some of my friends will be laughing but until you try it again don't knock it :)

 Enjoy the photos.

Oji Station (eki)
Food stalls appeared on the foot path

Walking in the park many people

Some people enjoying a picnic
Some girls out for a picnic


Shinkansen was going past and I tried to get a photo with the cherry blossom, didn't turn out that good :)

This photo and the ones below are taken near city hall

A lady on the bridge took a photo of us, Luke was at home sleeping

The cherry blossom trees are in Asuka Yama park

Leo having fun

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