Saturday, 29 September 2012


Hi All,

Its hot and humid, there is a light breeze but quite still, it is the night before a big typhoon is going over us tomorrow. I am unsure what to expect, could this be the biggest weather event I experience, will it just be a fizzer, will it just be windy and wet. Japan is hit with many typhoons but generally they are south, this one looks like she will go right over the middle of us, see previous entry with photos. Will keep you posted, by the end of tomorrow I will know.

7:00am Monday morning, blue sky and 25 degrees.

11:00pm - Went to bed, was the odd strong wind gust, nothing more than what we get in Christhcurch in a normal storm.

8:30pm - Rain has stopped and no wind, could it be over?

8:00pm - Wind is picking up, getting some gusts now, rain slowly getting more.

6:50pm - Still light rain, no heavy winds, south of Tokyo is getting hit, will be over Tokyo approx midnight. 25c at 91% humidity.

5:40pm - Just normal rain, no high winds, no heavy rain.

4:16 - I hope Fukashima Daiichi Power plants exposed spent fuel rod pools can withstand the storm!

4:10pm - Rain is just starting to hit Tokyo, 27 degrees 70% humidity.

3:50pm - Warning on TV large amounts of rain and flooding in Saitama, it is the next big city south of Tokyo, batten down the hatches!!

1:40pm - What a hot day, I am told before a typhoon the weather gets warm, been out shopping, had lunch, where is the typhoon? Has been updated that it will roll in tonight!

6:30am - Fine weather, no wind, 23 degrees and the sun is shining, are we saved form the typhoon?


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