Saturday, 29 September 2012


Hi All,

We went to a we street market/festival yesterday. The Japanese have a game where you have a paper net, you pay your 100 yen and they give you a paper net, the trick is that as the paper gets wet and if you scoop up fish they will fall through the net, you need to be quick! I dunno how but Leo caught 2 fish I wasn't there when he did it.

What do I know about fish?

A quick read on the net said they need oxygen and a quick way to tell if they are getting enough is see if the fish a gulping at the top of the water for air, well guess what our fish were gulping for it! It said the quickest way to get some oxygen in the water is to get a cup, scoop some out and put it back in at height. This worked a treat, happy fish but I had to go to bed, we didn't want the fish to die, what to do?

We have a toy here with a we electric motor, I got the motor and on the shaft I stuck a piece of plastic, I then taped the motor to the bowl with half the plastic thing out the water, powered it up with a 1.5v D sized battery, guess what, we made a small amount of bubbles, it work a treat! Left it going all night (bet the fish had a bad nights sleep) in the morning they were still alive, Hooray!!! it worked!

We decided today we will take a ride to the local pet store and buy a pump, well in the end for a couple dollars more we bought a tank, pump, water cleaners and fake plants in a kit.

Leo was a bit to generous with the fish food, made the water a bit dirty

New tank all for $15.00NZD


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