Monday, 15 October 2012

Sony Explorer Science

Hi All,

Sony have a place called "Sony Explorer Science" its in Daiba on the edge of Tokyo bay, it has all these cool things that you can play with, they can measure your smile, lock on to you movements and then these movements can been seen on the sceen as a dancing robot, 3D movies, looked real good! Making a 3D image, seems real easy with sonys gear, how mobile phones work etc etc, all hands on!

Well I would love to show you inside but no photos allowed, so enjoy some pics I took of Diaba, the train drove its self :)

BTW - Don't be let down by the lack of people, I have been to Daiba on the weekend and it is a busy place.

See You

Train drives by itself

TV Station

Dunno what the sphere is in the middle but they must of needed it, probably where the bosses office is

Rainbow bridge in the back ground

Twin builings

Quite a few twin buildings around

See more twins

Just thought I would snap a photo of the plane

Where we had lunch

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