Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Push Bikes

Hi All,

Ok in Japan there is a company called Bridgestone but it started out as Stonebridge but in the early days they changed it around because they thought it sounded better. Yes Stonebridge is a Japanese name, that is a direct translation to English. Honda although we have heard the name for so long is a Japanese name Mr Honda ( I know Hon = Book and da = ?) Anyway I am off track here.

Bridgestone make push bikes here in Japan, real nice quality ones, they make a lot of battery powered ones. They showed the process on TV on making a bike, I have done a bit of welding in my time and have always admired the welding on push bikes, its so perfect! Little did I know but they place all the parts in a jig, paint something onto the joins, the jig closes and opens and the frames is all welded! How they do it? I dunno. I suspect there is a tiny we Japanese man in their with a tig welder who welders all the joins very quickly.

Does anyone else have a more technical answer on how it works?

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