Friday, 18 November 2011

House Extensions have started

Hi Everyone,

My in-laws are making the house bigger, they started on the 18th November, they will be finished next month, my mother in-law is looking forward to having a new kitchen and larger dining room. Should be good and make the house much bigger.

Father and Son builders, very good workmenship!

Check out their website
The Before Shot

Builders just starting work

Leo watching the builders

Construction under way

Leo ready to go out, plywood cladding on

Leo hiding

Leo dancing

Builder hard at work


Plumber , he must be good becuase he never run it up before the floor was nailed down.

Wooden Floor going down - Can see insualtion in the walls

Spot the kiwi in Tokyo

Spot the builder

Putting a new floor in

New tounge and grove floor finished. Looks real nice.

Gib board going on, looking much better now!

Kitchen end is all gibbed, Builders getting ready for new kitchen to arrive.

 Kitchen sitting in place
 Extraction Fan mounted on wall
 Bench top on and water/gas hooked up
Shot from the front

 Kitchen all installed
Another shot from the front
Feature beam polyurethaned

Leo with builder work bag, tape measure and trade mark pencil behind his ear

Preparing to put siding on

Siding going on - the siding has polystyrene in it for more insulation.
That side finished
On lookers checking out progress

 New Veranda goign up
Veranda just about finished

A while a go there was a leak in the roof and it damaged the ceiling, as part of the refit the house has a new ceiling in one of the bedrooms, they ripped everything out, reframed it all up and put new gib board up, better insulation in and put a very thick wall paper up, it looks really nice. You can see the roof, look at some of the brackets, they look shiny and new like they were fitted yesterday.

 Getting furniture in place dining table has moved an TV is there now.


Another spot the kiwi or am I trying to point at the fridge

Removing the balcony

Preparing the roof and house for painting

Cutting the balcony off with angle grinder, note how rusty it was hence its replacement.

The builders are really good people, even though he can`t speak much english and I can`t speak much japanese we seem to laugh about things, they work fast and work very accurate, they arrive on site before or at 8am each day with the truck loaded up with materials for the days work. If they have a big load of rubbish on their truck they go a bit early to the dump, I think the dump is a fair distance away so may try to miss the evening rush hour otherwise here to 5pm or later.

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