Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Japanese Preschool

On Tuesday we visited Leo`s preschool, what an amazing place for kids, they have large rooms for the kids, a swimming pool for summer, some of the toys they had there were scooters, pogo sticks,rope bridge between 2 trees, lots of balls, jungle gym, swings, 4 slides, play house, sand pit etc. I saw on the wall some of the photos of the activities they get up to, they have bom fires and roast the veges they grow. All the kids have we uniforms with hats, we choose Leos size. Leo goes 5 days a week, 9am till 2pm and it cost 5000 yen per month or about $80NZ per month.

The preschool is about 10mins walk or a few minutes on the bike from here. Leo is very excited about going but doesn`t start until next year.

Today 9 Dec 2011 we went to another open day at the preschool, I took some photos off the wall in the preschool.

 Could never do this in NZ would be to dangerous
 This would be unthinkable in NZ, cooking kumura on a bom fire, how cool!

 Parents would have a fit if their kids came home green from preschool in NZ, not here its all fun!

 Leo next to the xmas tree at the preschool
 Large passion fruit tree in the play ground
Kids garden area, not much happening in winter

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