Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I am in Tokyo!!

Hi Everyone,

The flights on air NZ were good, met a couple nice Japanese people on the plane on the way over.

When I arrived at Narita airport and walked through the gate my we boy Leo was so excited to see me he ran to see me right up at the gate and jumped on me. He said he was very happy to see me.

Its been quite busy here and I haven`t been able to get my laptop going on the system here so I am on a Japanese computer, everything is in Japanese!

I spent my birthday at immigartion today, it was actually quite a easy process, the Japense are so very helpful, there was a fair amount of paper work to do but it is all handled quite well and with the least amount of waiting.

On the way home we stopped in to watch a dolphin show, after the show Leo got to pat a dolphin.

                                  Leo with the birthday cake after we blew out the candles

                                     Close up of the birthday cake just about to be cut

                                                    Leo with the Dolphin

See You all for now

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