Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pretty Quiet Sunday

Sunday was a pretty quiet day, nice weather, 13 degrees and no wind. Took Leo for a walk to the park in the late afternoon, we went to the park the long way and I had the camera with me so took a photo of sky tree. Also came across a big caddy in a car park, looked like it hadn`t been used for while! I snapped a couple shots as we walked down the street as well.

Since my last visit to Japan a new UNIQLO store has opened up in walking distance from where we live. To most people UNIQLO doesn`t really mean anything but in Japan UNIQLO is a new style Japanese firm making good casual clothes available for all. I like their stores they are layed out well, clothes are of nice quailty and prices are not to expensive. Check out thier webiste, divide by 60 to get approx price in NZD

 Skytree from the bridge near where we live, 634m tall, more info here
 The big Caddy, check out the small wheels! I can`t get away from big black USA cars :)
 A normal street in the concrete jungle
The enterance to an appartment building. Check out the guy across the road, he is waving for the photo, Japanese people are very polite.
Luke being a baby!

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