Saturday, 19 April 2014

Back at Tokyo Dome


Luke turns 3 soon and we wanted to take him to Asobono Land for his birthday, but due to meeting with other friends and a trip away for 3 days we couldn't get there on his birthday so we went today. Check out the photos of Asobono Land, Asobon is play in Japanese.

Lots of bouncing
The ball pit
Photo to show you what it looks like
More play area
This was good, you place the cogs on the wall so they could drive each other
Just to give you an idea what it looked like outside the dome area
Picture tells a 1000 words, its a river :)
Another shot of I dunno
More I dunno, thank goodness digital photos are free!
 Where we had lunch
you guessed it more of I dunno
Kids wet play area
All the times I have been here first time the roller coaster was going
Goes high
and then dam fast!
More roller coaster pics
And more
Can't see it! Oh there it is coming through the hole!
There it is!

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