Friday, 25 April 2014

Spa Resort Hawaiians


We took a 3 day holiday to the Spa Resort Hawaiians, this is a large complex with many pools, slides, restaurants, shops and hotels. Its a great place to visit, lots to see and can spend hours in the heated pools!

Check out wiki for more info

See some holiday shots I took.

Our hotel room
This was in the lobby
Japanese Hawaiian dancing girls 
Where we had a buffet lunch
Chocolate fountain, first time I had seen one!
Yup that's a water slide up there inside, went on it, was the only one who did!
Looking out of out room window over Fukashima
Looking the other way
and another one, dunno why I put this one up
The buffet breakfast restaurant 
This is where the English breakfast was served
Japanese Hawaiian dancers
Fire dancers

Japanese girls doing Maori dancing

Naresh asked for a close up, so here it is!

On the bus back home

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