Friday, 30 November 2012

Kids say the darnest things part 2

Hi All,

It was my birthday today, quite a milestone as I am not 40 yet! I turned 39! Leo was having breakfast and he said Happy Birthday to me, I said to him do you know how old I am and my wife whispered in his ear 39, Leo said Dad you are 39 today! I said Leo how old are you, he said I am 4, I said if you are 4 and dad is 39, dad is old, he said no dad is big :)

See You

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Small mile stone

Hi All,

A small mile stone for my blog, we are likely to hit 5000 views this month, as the blogger I get details for what part of the world the views are coming from, how many page veiws etc.

Tokyo Disney Land

Hi All,

Took the kids to Tokyo Disney Land and Disney Sea. A photo tells a thousand words!

VERY BUSY!! and its a week day!