Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bruce in Japan has come to an end

Hello All,

To all my followers I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog about my life in Japan, my family and I have relocated back to New Zealand. I enjoyed my time in Japan, its a great place, lots to see and do but Japan is also a hard place if you can't speak much Japanese and you are not used to hot humid summers with mosquitos. I have made some life long friends in Japan, many people were sad to see us leave. Its really hard when you want your wife to feel happy, but you are from two different countries, one person will always be away from their family and friends, it is my wife who made the hardest choice when she decided to marry me and leave all that behind, I wanted her to be with her friends, her mum and dad to be with the grand kids so in coming back to NZ I have let my wife down, which makes me a little sad as I know how much she loves it there!! I can't say a bad word about Japan, the people were all so nice to me and helpful! I would recommend you visit Japan one day it sure is an amazing place full of history and high tech gadgets, Japanese are the masters of electronic toilets :)

Places to visit in Tokyo

Oska Yama park oji
Sky tree
Train Museum in Saitama

Hey just read my blog and you will see where to go, its fun!!!

So from me Sayonara