Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Snowing in Tokyo today


I took this photo at this morning, its snowing in Tokyo again, its not normal to have snow falls so many times in winter. Its a problem when it freezes over night and goes rock hard, its like ice skating on the foot path. No one seems to worry about it here, business as usual, in Christchurch people look at it to have a day off even if there is a few snow flakes on the ground :)

Taken 8am 29/02/12

Taken 9am not much difference
Taken 10am
Taken 11:30am

Just enough snow to make a snow man

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Ikebukuro Aquarium and high building

Hi Everyone,

Today we went to Ikebukuro to the aquarium, it has been closed for quite a while as they rebuilt it, it is pretty flash inside, there were some pretty amazing fish to see and there was a sea lion show for the kids. Was a cold day to be outside to see the display, only about 4 degrees. We also took a trip to the top of a 60 story building to take a view over Tokyo, the lift was amazing, it travel at 600m per minute, I hope i have that right, it was real fast, my ears popped 3 times in the lift.

 Sea Lion doing its thing
 Have no idea what it is, seemed very relaxed though.

 You get the idea how high 60 stories is?
Now you do!
 I am higher than this building.

Just to make sure you get the picture of how high we are
You get the idea how big sky tree is, the top is in the clouds!
 For the guys at my work in NZ
This fish reminded me of someone I use to work with :)
This is a busy place, I took this photo waiting at the bus stop

Friday, 17 February 2012

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Earthquake Prevention Center

Hi All,

As part of my course I have been doing we went to the earthquake prevention center where they had an earthquake simulator, smokey room simulator, liquefaction demonstrations, house bracing models and how bracing works, model quake proof rooms and more. Every house in Japan has a fire extinguisher out front, Leo and I got some training on how to use them today. It was all very interesting, being in the simulator felt like being back in Christchurch the way it shook around. I think NZ could learn a lot from this place, its well worth a look.

 Simulated quake damage
 Quake proof room
 Quake proof wall construction
 Model of how support center will be setup
 In quake simulator
 Getting ready to go into smoke room
 Fire extinguisher training

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Always 3

Hi All,

Today we went to the cinema to watch Always 3, it has just been released and we have seen always 1/always 2 on TV. We took some seats at the front of the theatre away from everyone else so my wife could quietly translate for me, always 3 is far the best!!! I now can't wait for always 4 to come out. I highly recommend if you get the chance to see it watch it! Its based in 1964 the year Tokyo hosted the Olympic games, its the ups and downs of a several families on an old street in Tokyo, you realize after watching this movie series what an amazing place Tokyo must of been as it was getting back on its feet after world war II. The acting is amazing, the movie draws you in as if you were there, its truly amazing movie!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Leo's Birthday

Hi Everyone,

Leo turned 4, we took him to Asobono play ground to have some fun! He enjoyed himself, so did Luke! and Dad did too :) Leo woke up in the morning and there were no presents, he said no presents, he looked a bit disappointed but he came back to his normal self pretty  quickly, he didn't know that there were some presents here for him we just wanted to give them to him when everyone was home.

Leo LOVES helicopters, we built a big one at Asobono. When we got home grandma had prepared dinner with a cheese cake birthday cake.

Grandma bought Leo a tiny RC helicopter for his birthday. In New Zealand our next door neighbor was RC helicopter pilot, Leo would watch him and his son fly the RC helicopters inside and out and always wanted one but he was a bit young, he seems to have mastered this one quite quickly!

 Luke at one of the toys
 Leo loved this soccer game!
 Playing in the balls
 The helicopter we built, it was very popular (maybe becuase of its size)
 Leo with his presents, Luke watching on
 Leo's RC helicopter - mini bee goes real well
Cheese cake birthday cake - YUM!!!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Mushroom Game


Check this out, leave it going long enough and it will drive you bonkers. Leo loves it!!

Busker at Asukayama Park


Sunday was a nice day so we decided to take the kids to Asukayama Park, (Yama = mountian/hill). We stopped in at a bentoh shop (box lunches) and bought lunch, my lunch was 390yen ($6.00NZ) for a stir fry pork, rice, egg and some veges, very filling.

Today there was a busker their entertaining people, he was quite funny! He looked the part and put on a good show! Check out the photos. He gave all the kids balloon animals after the show which kept him pretty busy!

 Making balloon animals
 People enjoying the day
 Busy day at the park
 They are razor sharp
Busker in action