Monday, 28 May 2012


Hey All,

Bill Budweiser you were right the storms roll in when you leave your umbrella at home. The storms roll in with in 5 minutes and soak you!!! Check out the we movie clips, its wicked how the thunder rumbles through!! The lightening is like a camera flash! You can see an old house across the street, it is set to be demolished and some new houses built.

Update 29/5/12 - Someone died yesterday when hit by lightening.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Cheap Japanese car parts, discount prices!!

Hi All,

Are you looking for a small part for your Japanese car, do you feel your local dealer is charging way to much for a small part?

Well a friend in New Zealand did, he wanted a TPS sensor for his Nissan. He was quoted $285.00NZD for the part. I located the part he wanted in Japan, had it shipped to the dealer closest to me, got on my bike and went and picked it up, packed it and sent it to New Zealand all for half the price of what it would of cost him in New Zealand.

So if you can afford to wait a couple weeks to get a part and save yourself a lot of money drop me a line and see if I can help.

I currently know where the local Nissan, Toyota and Honda dealerships are, I will be on the look out for Mitsubishi and Mazda dealers are.

See You

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Sansui Japan

Hi All,

Sansui went broke in 2000, there is a place in Japan called Aqua Audio Labs, this company is run by ex Sansui employees, I  have met the owner once, very nice man. My mother in-law found this in the local paper, I know it is in Japanese but you can get it translated if you are a Sanui buff.

If you want a high res copy send me an email and I will send it to you, 1.9mb

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sky Tree

Hi All,

Today was the first day Tokyo Sky tree was open to the public. It is HUGE and can be seen anywhere you go in Tokyo! Have a look at their website here

It's got shops, shops and more shops! You need to stand next to it and look straight up to get an idea how big the tower is! We went there a few months back.

This has some good info, it looks like it is the biggest tower in the world.

and here

This is no small tower and to us in NZ we would consider it an eye sore but not the Japanese, this tower is a triumph to the Japanese, it holds a place like Tokyo tower and Mt Fuji, it is respected and very much embraced and liked, it's iconic everyone talks about sky tree!! I too find myself admiring it as it is a mean feat of engineering!!! Over the years I have been coming here I have seen it being built!! I can think back to the movie "always" (see my blog Always was set to the building of Tokyo tower in the late 1950's

Sky Tree

Tokyo Tower 

Monday, 21 May 2012


Hi All,

Today has been a good day, started with a ride to the park to see the solar eclipse, taking my we boy to school, a Japanese lesson, an ice cream, a trip to the 100 yen shop and a meal with potatoes, ooooh yummy spuds mmmmmmm never thought I would miss my spuddies so much, I eat a lot of rice these days :)

See You

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Solar Eclipse


Today the solar eclipse went over Japan and right over Tokyo, I tried to take photos through the filter but didn't work. It went from bright sunlight to dull, I took a couple shadow photos. Last photo is one from the net, thats exactly how I saw it with my special glasses.

Here is a good link with lots of interesting photos of the eclipise

 Shadows and bright
 No shadows and dull
Best photo I could get with no filter

This is a photo I found on the net

Festival on the street

Hi All,

The council arranged a fair on the street, it went from the park to the school, there were games for the kids, food stalls, fire engines, Japanese drums, dancing, rock n roll music. It was real good we spent about 4 hours there, had lunch there. Was a good day out and all within walking distance from the house.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Art Gallery

Hi All,

My father in-law had one of his paintings in an exhibition at Ripongi. The exhibition hall was amazing, I took some photos so you could see. We sat out side and had lunch, it was a fantastic day and the area looked really nice with lot of trees. There was a blimp floating around I took a couple photos of. I took a lot of photos so you could have a free tour :)

Father in-laws painting

A blimp was out and about while we were having lunch
View from the cafe