Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fisrt Day at school

Hi Everyone,

Well today we had orientation, I have started as a student at a Japanese language school, I think I would be the oldest student there, I just never thought of myself being older before :) After the tour of the school, school rules, times, meeting the teachers etc the president took us to a nice park not far from the school and took us for a tour. Its just amazing how Tokyo has all these hidden gardens, look at google earth you will think that Tokyo is all concrete jungle.

There will be 11 students in my class, they are running 2 beginners classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. There are people from Sweden, Italy, Thailand, France, Philippines are the ones can remember.

This is my school www.systemtoyo.com if you would like to see what they get up to. The school is a 25miniute bike ride each way, today it rained and I had to ride home in the pouring rain.

Here are some photos of the trip to the park today.

 You wash this statue and rubbed it where you have pain and it will heal your pain.

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