Saturday, 25 February 2012

Ikebukuro Aquarium and high building

Hi Everyone,

Today we went to Ikebukuro to the aquarium, it has been closed for quite a while as they rebuilt it, it is pretty flash inside, there were some pretty amazing fish to see and there was a sea lion show for the kids. Was a cold day to be outside to see the display, only about 4 degrees. We also took a trip to the top of a 60 story building to take a view over Tokyo, the lift was amazing, it travel at 600m per minute, I hope i have that right, it was real fast, my ears popped 3 times in the lift.

 Sea Lion doing its thing
 Have no idea what it is, seemed very relaxed though.

 You get the idea how high 60 stories is?
Now you do!
 I am higher than this building.

Just to make sure you get the picture of how high we are
You get the idea how big sky tree is, the top is in the clouds!
 For the guys at my work in NZ
This fish reminded me of someone I use to work with :)
This is a busy place, I took this photo waiting at the bus stop

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