Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Leo's Birthday

Hi Everyone,

Leo turned 4, we took him to Asobono play ground to have some fun! He enjoyed himself, so did Luke! and Dad did too :) Leo woke up in the morning and there were no presents, he said no presents, he looked a bit disappointed but he came back to his normal self pretty  quickly, he didn't know that there were some presents here for him we just wanted to give them to him when everyone was home.

Leo LOVES helicopters, we built a big one at Asobono. When we got home grandma had prepared dinner with a cheese cake birthday cake.

Grandma bought Leo a tiny RC helicopter for his birthday. In New Zealand our next door neighbor was RC helicopter pilot, Leo would watch him and his son fly the RC helicopters inside and out and always wanted one but he was a bit young, he seems to have mastered this one quite quickly!

 Luke at one of the toys
 Leo loved this soccer game!
 Playing in the balls
 The helicopter we built, it was very popular (maybe becuase of its size)
 Leo with his presents, Luke watching on
 Leo's RC helicopter - mini bee goes real well
Cheese cake birthday cake - YUM!!!

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  1. Hi Leo cool Helecopter, Happy Birthday for last week.Tell Dad he needs one too