Saturday, 21 July 2012

Henada Airport

Hello All,

Tokyo has 2 airports, well really only one airport called Henada, but the main airport used is called Narita, it is in Chiba the next province over some 50km away from Tokyo. Henada has recently undergone changes and now can handle international flights, the terminal is not huge but still a good sized airport. It was raining so I could not get outside to take many plane photos.

Travel to Henada is by Mono rail which is another interesting train system.

At the airport they have a big Scaletric car racing game, for 200yen you could race for 5minutes. Leo had a go and I watched.

Henada is a nice airport, lots of food choices but be prepared to pay airport prices, looks real smart, not big but if airports are your thing check it out!


Interesting ceiling



Tried to get full shot of track

Choose your car to race

Cars you could buy

Leo is the blue blur just exiting the bend

You can see some planes in the background

Mono rail and the track or rail what ever you want to call it

Looking ouside of the airport

Mono rail approaching the platform

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