Sunday, 18 March 2012

Festival at Hokutopia

Hi All,

Well I guess you are wondering what Hokutopia is, its a big building near Oji station, each area has some sort of big building and Hokutpoia is what it is called for Oji.

They had a festival there on all weekend, there were some food stalls, games, and shows put on by various companies.

Disney Land was their promoting their new Disney TV Channel, Tokyo Gas was there and a few others.

The Japanese are more proactive on education than in NZ, they are always doing things to educate children on Safety, Fire Saftey, Gas Saftey, Quake Safety, they always make it fun events with lots to do and see. On our way to Hokutopia the fire service pulled up one of their big trucks just around the corner form the house and were giving a free demo didn't take long for the kids to arrive.

 Disney was there giving all the kids a toy
 Leo learning about gas saftey
 Some of the stalls
 That was a soft rubber ball
 Not anymore after being in dry ice, thats it in pieces on the botton
Hand gestures in Japan mean different than NZ, check out the banner on the table, the girl is waving and whats the boy doing?

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