Friday, 9 March 2012

Japan Quake March 11 2011 a year on

Hi Everyone

We are coming up to the 1 year anniversary of the big mag 9.0 earthquake in Sendai Japan, so many people lost so much, many paid the ultimate price and the country has for ever been damaged by Fukashima Dai ichi. Its just sad all round for the Japanese, they are at a loss to how to clean up the radiation, its un charted waters, maybe the easiest and cheapest option is make it a no go zone for the next 120 years, that will give the Caesium-137 time to drop to 1/8 of what it is now.

There has been quite a bit on the TV leading up to the anniversary, from video of it happening, the clean up effort, the problems at Fukashima power plant, earth quake proof buildings etc some of which has been very interesting and some has been pretty sad for the people of Japan.

I will leave you with one image that has forever symbolized the whole quake.

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