Monday, 26 March 2012

New Transport

 Hi All,

I am nearly 40, been driving since I was 16 and never bought a brand new push bike in all my life, so I have gone from a 2001 Toyota Mark II Grande to a black 5 speed push bike, I guess the push bike is a 2012 model making it newer than the car I owned, not to mention the bulk standard Japanese commuter bike hasn't changed how it looked for 30+ years. I am looking forward to it, not having a car must be good exercise. I start school next month (as a student) and it is a 30min bike ride each way. I could actually catch the bus not far from home to close to the school but what fun would that be, I have a few ups and downs to go over, a couple police stations to pass, a fire station, so will be a good ride each day. Should be real nice in spring time as I have quite a lot of cherry blossom tress on the way.

Its not that easy to get a bike home when you have no car or trailer, so my shopping was limited to several shops in the area, I have about a half an hour walk to get to the shop to pick it up. I am so excited my first new bike!!!!

I pick up my racer tomorrow 27 March, I will post some photos of it when I get it!!!

To wet your whistle here are some specs

26 inch frame
Alloy Spoked Wheels
Dynamo Light
Front Basket
Back Carrier
Drum brake on the rare
5 Speed Shimano back hub, I just found out its 6 speed BONUS!!!
Twist the handle to change gears

To be honest Japanese commuter bikes are real nice to ride, nice springs in the seats and just go for ever, they are not built for speed but rather to get you from A to B and carry things. A racing road bike is just that, fast transport but rather impractical here, a mountain bike is just that an off road machine and really not suited here for day to day travel, a Japanese commuter is perfect!!! Its used to get you from the train station to home, carry your groceries, carry your umbrella, school etc

The other day we were in a Toyota Mark X, it was a nice car but after riding in trains for a while now the car did feel rather cramped.

Do check back soon for a photo of my new bike :) - Photos added

 Bike Shop
 More bikes for sale
 My cruiser ready to be picked up
 Shimano gears
 At home
 Gear changer
Bell - handy when you are riding on the foot path past people
 Straight handlebars
Straight handlebars

Update - The bike went really well but when turning tight corners my knees hit the wrap around handle bars, so yesterday I swapped over the straight handle bars off my wifes old bike to my new one, it changes the riding position(lean forward a bit) but now I don't hit my knees on the handle bars. I have also added a bungy cord around the carrier in case I need to bring something biggish home.

I have had a we ride on it now and I am impressed, Amon yes it can pop a wheelie :) Its smooth and comfy to ride, good brakes, quite light, if it had all the heavy stand removed and the carrier it would be very light indeed! Its perfect, if you work your way up the gears it can get along quite fast actually, faster than what I thought a commuter would go :) I am happy!!!

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