Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sky Tree

Hi All,

Today was the first day Tokyo Sky tree was open to the public. It is HUGE and can be seen anywhere you go in Tokyo! Have a look at their website here http://www.tokyo-skytree.jp/en/

It's got shops, shops and more shops! You need to stand next to it and look straight up to get an idea how big the tower is! We went there a few months back.

This has some good info, it looks like it is the biggest tower in the world.


and here http://www.obayashi.co.jp/english/special/2010032622.html

This is no small tower and to us in NZ we would consider it an eye sore but not the Japanese, this tower is a triumph to the Japanese, it holds a place like Tokyo tower and Mt Fuji, it is respected and very much embraced and liked, it's iconic everyone talks about sky tree!! I too find myself admiring it as it is a mean feat of engineering!!! Over the years I have been coming here I have seen it being built!! I can think back to the movie "always" (see my blog http://bruceinjapan.blogspot.jp/2012/01/always-sunset-on-third-street.html) Always was set to the building of Tokyo tower in the late 1950's

Sky Tree

Tokyo Tower 

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