Thursday, 17 May 2012

Quick Trip to Akiharbara - Tubes and Valves

Hi All,

Today I took a quick trip to Akiharbara, I went to the old radio building, I am not 100% sure what it is called but something like that, was a sign that said since 1947 so its been there from the beginning of the new Japan. There is everything there from LEDs, switches, mulitmeters, resistors, capacitors, speakers, transformers. I could of taken 1000 photos and not showed you everything in this building. Todays trip I took photos of the glory days of vintage electronics, Vacuum tubes, there were a couple places selling tubes, power transformers and audio transformers. It is an old building and its like going back in time!!!

When I left home it was blue skies and nice and warm, while I was there a thunder storm and rain rolled in, I headed home on the train expecting a wet bike ride home form the train station as I had no umbrealla, but on the way home it had cleared to blue skies again so I was lucky!! Just a wet bike seat this time!

Sure is a must see if you plan to visit Tokyo.

She was 86 years old, the shop was something to do with NHK I think she said


Another tube shop on the ground floor

Just standing at the enterance to the radio building
Every level has different electronics
 Enterance - You can see the "since 1947" sign
On the street looking one way
180 degrees and looking the other way

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