Thursday, 10 May 2012

New Camera!

Hi All,

You may remember I was talking how my trusty point and shoot was broken, well today my new Canon A1200 arrived in the post. Many people have given me a hard time for buying another point and shoot, you need 10x zoom, you need to be able to take RAW images, people can tell the difference between SLR photos and point and shoot, well I beg to differ for my blog I doubt you can tell the difference. A printed 6 x 4 photo I doubt you can tell the difference. No mucking around, just grab it push the button and the moment is captured! You won't see me going through a camera bag looking for the right lens or a filter just to capture the image, I just leave it set to auto and let canon do the rest - fantastic!!!

This canon is smaller and lighter than the older one, fits in my pocket or my wife's hand bag, can go anywhere, if batteries go flat when I am out and about any store stocks AA batteries for a couple dollars. Its not bulky, I don't have a big bulky thing hanging around my neck, I don't carry the other 2/3's of the camera in a bag with me. I just stick it in my pocket and take photos. I set it for 2mp so I can print 6 x 4 prints if I want and stores 6379 photos on the free class 10 memory card that came with it.

This camera is real cool because it has one of the old fashion point and shoot view finders, I hear you say "What for" I will give you 2 good reasons, light shining on the LCD means you can't see anything and is a real problem and the second the LCD screen uses the most power from the batteries and you can switch it off so you can conserve battery life. I have NiMH batteries for the camera. This is from the manual.

LCD on 450 Photos
LCD off 1100 Photos

Pretty impressive!! So far so good I have taken some photos outside, scroll down to see what kind of photos it takes.

It's a Canon, very cool and very small. See a couple photos of it below. Comes in silver and black, mine is silver like the photos.

And for all the people out there who can tell the difference between SLR, RAW and Point and shoot here are some images I shot out side in the afternoon on a sunny day.

I Like it! Very impressed! Thanks Canon!

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