Monday, 9 January 2012

Coming of age

Hi All,

In Japan the coming of age is 20, OMG you should see the amazing beautiful traditional clothes the girls wear!! If you are 20 before such a date then you go to the local city hall where they hold a celabration for all the 20 year olds, the mayor attends and they have some sort of speeches and presentations. I have to wait 16 years before Leo is 20 to find out whats its exactly all about, but I can assure you the girls look amazing!

In NZ the coming of age is 21 and is celebrated with drinking a yard glass, its a drinking vessel shaped like a hour glass, it holds several jugs of beer, this yard glass is then consumed until you vomit everywhere and generally over yourself and anyone else standing to close, you feel sick for the rest of the night and your throat is sore from so much vomiting. You wake up the next day and generally have no idea what you did or really happened, looking at it seems an odd way to welcome someone to the coming of age. The Japanese seem to have a far more sensible and memorable occasion than what we do in NZ

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