Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Trip to the 100 yen shop

Hi All,

It is tradition for uncles to give nephews and nieces 500 yen pocket money on new years day, Leo and Luke both received 500 yen from their uncle. Michiko went to see her friend who just had a baby and Leo and I hit the 100 yen shop, Leo bought a torch and a gun that fires balls about the size of golf balls, goes about 4meters. After shopping we stopped in at McDonald's for an ice cream, they cost 100 yen, were bigger than the ones in NZ, had a honey cone and the cream freeze was thicker and tasted better! Leo loved it! We sat in the McDonald's and watched time go by, it was great!

 Leo with his 100yen ice cream
 Looking out the window
 All the things you could get for 100/120yen
The counter


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