Saturday, 21 January 2012


Hi Everyone,

Since I have been here in the last couple weeks I have got into drinking tea, my friend Alan the English man I used to have morning tea with was a great tea drinker. My father always liked a good cup of tea, I am near 40 years old and now I can appreciate a good cup of tea, its the time you sit to drink it, you don't rush it, when you make it the water hits the tea bag boiling, you let the goodness of the bag leech into the water before you top it off with cold milk, I now know how to enjoy a cup of tea, when I am back in New Zealand I am going to go see my friend Alan and have a cup of tea from his well used little brown tea pot. ;)

This is my girly tea cup, I use this cup because it was a gift from my mum to my mother in-law
See You

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