Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Dave kite post

Hi Everyone,

Why did I call this the Dave kite post, simple, my friend  Dave in NZ is a kite nut, he would leave kites flying all night in NZ, so he will get the chuckle out of this, enjoy Dave!

Today was quite windy so Leo and I decided to go to the big park across the river and fly the kite! It went great, let the string out all the way and just let it go and it whizzed straight up in the sky, it did flips and loops and was good to watch. Leo wanted to play on the equipment so I tied the kite to the tree where it performed its tricks, while in the park I met a JAL pilot, he spoke very good English, he was back home for a few days before flying out, he was in the park with his daughter. She liked the kite and I asked her if she wanted to fly it, she said yes, so we walked over and untied the kite, she was having fun and then Leo asked if he could have it back, she went to hand the kite back to her dad but she let the string go before he could get it, well the fun began we chased it and just about got it, people on the path were trying to jump on the string but we all missed it. The kite string went into the river, the kite was still flying ok. Then somewhere in Tokyo the string got stuck and the kite shot back up in the sky miles away from us, LOL LOL we all just laughed and thought oh well that was a lot of fun for a 100yen! I just wonder what people thought when they saw a kite flying no where near a park. :)

See You

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