Thursday, 5 January 2012

Trip to the small fun park

Hi All,

Today we went to a small fun park, it was a 15min bike ride away, it was on the way to K's denki. It was 200 yen to get in each $3.20NZD and each a ride was 100 yen per child and 200 yen per adult. See photos pictures tell a 1000 words.

You could never have anything like this in an NZ city, the fun police would see to that, to loud, to many people, to much visual pollution, kids would have fun and that wouldn't be right in NZ.

 Sky tree
 Sky tree middle

 Luke being baby Luke
 We train ride

 Time for a grape drink
 When I sat on it I killed it :(
Water squirting game, Leo loved it!
 Spot the kiwi
 There he is again
 And again
 Oh no not more kiwi

 Be afraid of the weird guy

Check out the fish

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