Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tokyo Sky Tree Visit

Hi Everyone,

Today we took Leo to see Skytree, he loves it! You just have no idea of its size until you stand near it, its so high that when you look at it with your head right back that it looks to curve! Its one impressive structure, its going to make a whole tourist industry around it!

We had lunch at Macdonalds. Macdonalds has a promotion on at the moment called "Big America" and every month they have  a new Big America burger, this month is the Grand Canyon, I had to try one!! I think Japanese Macdonalds is better than NZ. Its not somewhere we go often but was very good today. A combo meal was 700 yen about $11.50NZ, you will laugh at this but Macdonalds seem to be a bit more up market than NZ, very nice service, very tidy and clean, counters are flash, presentation is very nicely done, A+ to Macdonalds Japan!

Its been cold and dry here, so dry static electricity is a problem, my hands are dry, its not normally like this, they are telling people to be aware of touching PC parts and around flammable liquids and the static build up is quite a lot!

On the news tonight they are predicting rain, they said it could snow, will have to wait and see, could be in for a some more of the white stuff! Up north it has been -26 degrees, not normally that cold, bananas are so hard they can use them to hit nails into wood, if you pull your boiling hot noodles out of the pop they freeze in bunch of noodles, if you blow bubbles they are frozen before they hit the ground.
There is more of it just could not fit it in the photo
This is at the bottom of it, you can just see Leo, look for the blue/black jacket
Leo in the gift shop with a Tokyo Tower light

Next Las Vegas then Broadway and Beverly Hills

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