Friday, 23 December 2011

A bike ride to Akabane

Hi All,

Not much to report on here, the painitng of house is just about finished, the weather was cold today, approx 5 degrees when we went out. We took a look at an open home today, was a nice house. But the big news is Christchurch was hit today by several large quakes, it would appear not to much major damaged happened and no loss of life, just stuff falling off shelves and tipping over etc.

It was a public holiday here today so the shops were more busy than usual.
When I was at the shop today I bought a 3D HDMI cable for 420 yen $7.50NZ and a NZ to Japan power adapter for 100yen $1.65. I can now plug my laptop into the TV and run my powered USB hard drive.

 Leo next to an xmas tree in a sort of open mall in Akabane
 Fish in the mall
 Cake shop at the Akabane Station
 Looking one way in another open mall
 Turning 180 degrees and taking another photo
A Drug store in the mall, we call them a Chemist in NZ

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