Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Tokyo Tower

Hi Everyone,

Today we took Leo to Tokyo Tower, he loves Sky Tree but it isn`t finished yet and yesterday we were on a viewing floor on a high building and we could see Sky Tree and Tokyo tower. When Leo found out he was going to Tokyo tower he was very excited! We went up 150m and had lunch at the cafe, Leo and I stood on the glass window in the floor about 1m x .5m, some people were to scared, Leo said "Daddy Scary" but he still did it several times!

More info about Tokyo Tower can be found here

On the way to the tower we were stuck in a traffic jam on the bus, protesters had blocked the roads with fences and cars, the cars had loud speakers on the top and they were yelling their propaganda to everyone, I have no idea what they were saying but the police seemed quite relaxed about it.  On the way home the protesters were gone.

 Busy Street in Tokyo
 You guess what this photo is ;)
 Give you 3 chances to guess  this one
 There was a we crepe place, we stopped for deserts
 Christmas display would look good at night, xmas tree was huge!
Dogs were left on the ice and they couldn`t be bought back, they went back and the dogs were still there, this is a momument to the dogs that survied.
 Just outside the crepe shop
 Crepe selection, they all looked good!!
 Leo not going to miss a drop!
 Waiting at the bus stop to go home
Looking up the street the other way from the bus stop

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