Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!!

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to stay up on new years eve to go to the local temple at midnight and be part of a new years service but I fell asleep, kids wake up during the night and get up early makes for long days for parents. This morning started off with a traditional Japanese new years day breakfast with sake. Then we went to the local shrine Oji Ginger.

My father in-law went to the midnight service at the temple and took some photos for me, they are at the bottom of the post.

 These are cards that friends send for new years day
 My small amount of sake :)
 Enterance to Oji Ginger
 Chrysler 300 hemi wagon went past as I was taking a photo
Oji Ginger
 Getting Closer
 Leo putting his fortune on the wall
Leo wanted a chocolate banana

Its 2:28pm here and we just had a quake, its all over the TV here, it went on for a while, warnings came on TV straight away, it was felt around Tokyo area. I can only tell you that on the Japanese scale it was measured at a magnitude 4. I don't think it would of caused any damage.

Definition of a grade 4 Japanese quake:

Many people are frightened. Some people try to escape from danger. Most sleeping people awake.Hanging objects swing considerably and dishes in a cupboard rattle. Unstable ornaments fall occasionally.Electric wires swing considerably. People walking on a street and some people driving automobiles notice the tremor.

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