Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas party at the Jidolkan


Jidolkan is like a after hours care for children, a kind of preschool. They are really good and invite everyone in the area to their Christmas Party even if you are not part of them, they gave Leo a we Christmas present. An english speaking Santa arrived and it wasn`t me this year. On the way home we stopped in at a very small bakery (Pan Ya) to buy lunch, I asked permission to take photos and they said ok, I saw an amazing clock in the shop, I took a photo for my friend Han.

Can you see Leo and Luke?

Leo doesn`t seem so sure, would you be, its crossed eyed!
Oh you have no idea how good they tasted! 230yen is $3.80NZ

Clock in the bakery, what do you think Han?

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