Sunday, 4 December 2011

Some photos of the local park

We took the boys to the park today, it is less than 10mins walk, we also can see skytree from one of the bridges if we go the long way, Leo loves skytree so we always go the long way. Its very quiet around here. Notice in the photos that there are no rubbish bins, also no rubbish left in the park anywhere, it was about 10 degrees but becuase there was no wind it was quite nice.

 From one side of the park
 Bruce, Luke and Leo in front of the play equipment
Leo is copying the builders with the tape measure
 More tape measure action
Yet again more tape measure action
 This is like a look out over the whole park,  skate boarders would love it.
 This is the smida river, the bridge is quite new.
 Photo of the park, dry winters here mean dry grass
Photo looking up the smida river, apartments either side

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