Monday, 26 December 2011

A man bag?

Hi All,

Well I never thought the day would come when I would need a hand bag!! In NZ I had a car, my car went everywhere I did and it had storage compartments in it that stored all the stuff I would need while I was away from home. I could migrate a short distance from my car and get around with just a wallet and anything bigger I would return to the car and refuel what I needed. My car was like my tiny mother ship from the house. It hit me today, I can't fit what I want in my wallet, I need to take more. My trustee point and shoot canon camera, spare batteries for the camera, mobile phone, a drink, wipes to clean hands, towel to dry hands when you go to the bathroom (not all bathrooms have anywhere to dry your hands here) USB memory stick (just never know when you will need it) and some where to put stuff you may buy when you are out and about. I hope I can call it a man bag, does this make me a metro man?
Anyway what ever you call it and what ever it makes me I need one!!

I look forward to your comments

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