Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Day Japanese Style

Merry Christmas Everyone,

Christmas day is not the big day in Japan none the less as a kiwi we celebrated today with Xmas presents. Leo was annoying me all evening to see the Santa radar, he kept asking me when Santa would get to Japan, I said when you are sleeping, he is making his way over from New Zealand first then he has to go to Australia before coming to Japan. Leo woke up to see one present next to his bed and was very excited that Santa came. Leo then came down stairs to see a further dozen presents waiting for him to open, since Leo is a huge spiderman fan Santa bought lots of spider man things, toys, shoes, beddings, PJ etc.

Grandad bought Leo a beginners base ball set and a kite, at about 10am this morning and me telling Leo it is 5 degrees outside and him telling me it wasn't I gave in and took him to the park where he was learning to hit the ball. He enjoyed it!

My wife bought me for Xmas this real slick mobile phone, never had one so flash before, it is on the docomo network and cost about 600 yen $10NZD a month to have, calls to family are all free and so many free minutes per month, my wife says as a normal phone user she can never use all her free minutes.

Luke got a bouncer and he loves it, he just bounces away for ages in it and smiles and laughs, its great as we don't have to sit next to him and entertain him

Michiko and Leo made a Christmas house cake last night, there was one small problem, Leo was eating pieces of the cake before it was finished, never the less he enjoyed it and it kept him busy for ages! My brother inlaw is driving about 2 hours to come and visit with us today, he lives in Chiba which is another big province of Japan.

 Luke was Santa this year
 I want it, I want it now!!
 Arrrr soooo much fun!!
 Leo learning to hit the ball with his new baseball set
 My new mobile
Christmas lunch Japanese style
 Christmas Cake - it was soooo good!!
Christmas doughnuts - so good fresh!!

Christmas house cake

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