Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Trip out for Leo to see some illuminations


I hope everyone had a good xmas and now are looking forward to welcoming in the new year!

Last night we took Leo out to see some illuminations, it wasn't far away about 6 stops on the train, it looked real good but the camera doesn't catch it all. We were surprised to see a water displayed timed to music which was really good! I also managed to take a photo of one huge escalator as it went down into the subway depths, there were 3 to go down, 2 that long and one single floor one. I think we went underground about 7 stories. Leo enjoyed the water display very much!

 Tunnel, the lighs came towards you real fast! can't see in photo
 You can sit here and watch the big screen TV

 Walkway shops either side
 Enterance to a hotel
 This was huge, the red/green pods on side would go to then top and drop!
 Big wheel!
 This was a garden some students made for the emperors birthday.
 Water display
 Water display
Very long escalator

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