Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A short trip to Asukayama Park in Oji

This is a very old park, one of the stones was carved in 1032, we bought MOS burger and went there for lunch, MOS burger is quite good and more to the Japanese tastes rather than Macdonalds USA tastes.

 Oji Station
 Looking down the main street of Oji, person in the blue coat didn`t want to be in my photo.
 A we electric bus that takes you up the hill side
 Luke and Michiko boarding the Bus
 Kids play area
 Big Japanese steam locomotive for kids to play on, it had done just under 2million km`s
 This stone was made/carved in 1032, you can`t see but has a lot of Japanese writing on it.
 Looking into the park
 Looking out the window of the electric bus
 Spot Leo
 Spot Luke
 Bullet train, but thier real name is Shinkansen
 At the top of the park, looking across the road behind the trees is the Shine we married in Japan
Marigolds - In winter??
 This shot was inside the train, do you see anything odd here? Look carefully, those are likely to be the original gauges in that train when new and no one has broken the glass, stoelen them, stoelen all the copper or spray painted it to wreck it for everyone else. What a change from Chrithcurch where spray cans rule and if its not broken break it.
 Cool space ship like fort for kids to play on
 Old Tokyo Electric tram
 This normally has water flowing around the rocks, they must turn it off in winter
 Notice the red in the trees for late Autumn
Another photo in the park looking where the water should be
This was a we place we saw on the way home for kids to get their photos taken so Leo not shy got up there for a photo. He pulled many faces but this is a normal one ;) Have no idea what the guy on the left is doing, so don`t ask. 

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