Monday, 26 December 2011

Japan power prices to rise, I hear you say and whats unusual about that?

Tokyo Electric Power Company intends to raise electricity prices next April, though it has not revealed by how much. The rise will be for the first in more than 30 years."

Why did I think this news headline was of interest to post on my blog? Did you see what they said, 30 years!!! The first power price rise in 30 years!!!! WOW!! OMG!! I remember in NZ they said when they deregulated the power industry we would all get cheaper electricity prices and over night they sky rocketed!!! In NZ the power companies would rise the power on a daily basis if they could! Then when the increase comes around every year as we know it will the power companies make out they are the good guys not rising power over winter, oh how kind, power goes up in NZ for no reason. Its all hydro so you tell me how power generation costs increase to justify the rises.

At least TEPCO has a good reason to increase power prices, they have a multi billion dollar mess to clean up at Fukashima.

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