Monday, 19 December 2011

House extensions finished so Christmas tree is up!

Hi All,

Since I have been here renovations have been happening, we have been living in a double bedroom. We moved all the furniture back down stairs and set up the house again, it was great to have a meal on the dining table!!! The Christmas tree was put up tonight never to late for a Christmas tree!

 Leo and his grandad putting the tree together
 Just about there
Tree all finished with lights on, Leo has the same smile as my dad in this photo, my mum loved this we guy so much, she never met his brother, pity she died so young and missed out on a lot, never take life for granted, always take opportunities when they are presented, life doesn't stop, does't pause and doesn't rewind. I have done the right thing coming here, time with grand parents is priceless.

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