Sunday, 18 December 2011

K`s Electrical Store

Hi All,

On Sunday we went to K`s what is K`s you may ask, I will tell you a HUGE electrical/electronic store. Huge is just the begining, if you think Harvey Normans in Christchurch City was big, wrong!! If you think anything in Aussie you have seen is big, wrong!!!  There were 4 floors of the place, I dunno why they didn`t let us in with our bikes to get around as it would be quicker! I would say each floor would of been at least 4 times the size of the complete Harvey normans ground floor in Christchurch City. We bought a couple halogen spot lights for the new kitchen and a battery charger as I was sick of buying batteries for the camera, so for 2500yen $40NZD we bought a charger and 4AA batteries, good for 1600 charges.

K`s always send out a flyer each week with specials, the flyer is twice the size of an open newspaper page in full colour. They have got marekting down to an art here.

The stuff was walking out the door flat out, big ticket items as well. Brook, Gear, Lawson you would be in Camera heaven over here, so much of it. (Brook knows already he has been here)

Once again very few Chinese/Korean brands, no Samsung TVs was one that comes to mind all Japanese brands. We all know in NZ Samsung is one of the big players in TVs. I did see some Bose audio which is an American product.

Go here and have a look although in Japanese you can still work your way around the site. Enjoy!

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