Thursday, 15 December 2011


Hi All,

Lots of posts today :) This morning we went to learn how to brush our teeth properly, its a class they run for kids to get them in to good habbits. I guess we all do this - get the brush in there and scrub around for a few mins and think you have done a good job becuase thats what your parents show you to do when you were little, if they did it wrong you did it wrong, they always say the cure is prevention and the Japanese seem to be high on that side of things, it was a shock for the kids to see what can happen to their teeth if not brushed properly. I thought it was actually pretty good, I don`t remember the gov doing anything like that for me in NZ, all they did was had a small school dentist that seemed to pulled teeth all the time and fill every second one! I give them an A++++ on this!

See You

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