Thursday, 15 December 2011

Signs of Japan

Hi Everyone,

Not being able to read Japanese sometimes has its advantages and this is one of them. I see these signs and becasue I can`t read them it leaves a lot of imagination to my wicked mind ;) This is the first sign and will be one of many so be sure to check back from time to time.

 This dog looks so guilty for taking a poo. Is it a sign for dogs not to poo, can dogs read, maybe they can here, I am not sure. If I could read it then it would make perfect sense I am sure. Anyone got any comments?

I asked Leo what this sign means and he says "The dog has done a poo poo and it is yucky and he wants to get way from it."

From left to right - Don't hug flowers with your hand - Don't mess with the cans food otherwise it will drip on your shoe - when you push real hard balls appear from your head - No!! no to what, I am sure Japanese dogs can read - don't accept evil looking iceblocks from a hand.

These to look too friendly, can it be?

 I look forward to your comments on what the sign means

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