Friday, 30 December 2011

Yesterday (key no)

Hi Everyone,

Well its new years eve, I can't beleive all the fun and excitment of Christmas Leo had was a week ago now!

Wishing all my blog follwers a Happy New Year! don't forget to make your new years resoloution and stick to it :)

BTW - Key No = Yesterday in Japanese

My mother in-law and wife had lots of fun electrical shopping at K's Denki, they bought some new air con units for the house, a sewing machine and a vacuum cleaner, I joined in as well and bought some speakers for the laptop, latop speakers are ok for what they are but are a bit tinny.

I took a couple photos of the K's denki store when we were getting on our bikes to head home! It was very cold here yesterday!!! The kids were wrapped up warm for the bike ride, only could see Leo's eyes.

New computer speakers

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